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All the Details on My Ilve Nostalgie 48" Range (and my experience with Appliances Connection)

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

*This is a sponsored post and reflects my honest opinions.

Our kitchen remodel is COMPLETE after months and months of "hurry up and wait" while many things went wrong. The one aspect of the remodel that did not go wrong? Our appliance package through Appliances Connection. We ordered an Ilve Range and Forte Panel ready fridge and dishwasher and they have been more amazing than I even anticipated (and I had high hopes).

The Ilve Range

I centered a lot of my kitchen design choices around the Ilve range. I knew it would be a show stopper and I wanted everything in the kitchen to let this beauty shine! My chef husband was equally excited for all of the features of the range, which have honestly blown us away.

Here are some of our favorite things about our ILVE Nostalgie 48" Inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range in Glossy Black with Brass Rails and knobs (whew, that's a mouthfull!):

The smaller side oven: We use this daily. When we were ordering our range, we weren't sure if this feature was somethign we'd really care about, but it has been amazing! Whether it is to heat somthing up quickly or just have more oven space when people are over, it has been incredible.

The endless cooking options: As I mentioned, my husband was excited for all of the features of the range, but we are blown away by how well the range does, well, everything. It's truly like having a professional stove in a high end restaurant in the kitchen. We use the pizza setting all the time, are excited to try out the turnspit (yes, you read that right), and love that the instructions come with a break down of which setting to use based on what you are cooking.

The Griddle: This thing is heavy duty and works amazing! You can remove it as well to use as a normal burner.

The beauty: Of course, the photos when you are online shopping make the range look marvelous. But honestly, this range is so unbelievably beautiful in person. You can truly customize the range to make it fit into any kitchen (with any color palette or design choices) and it will be an art piece.

The workmanship: This is one aspect of both our range and our Forte fridge and dishwasher we noticed immediately. Every aspect of the appliances- from the knobs, shelves, and anythign in between, is quality and built to last. There is nothing flimsy or clunky in any of the design, which is somethign you don't see often enough anymore, even with big ticket items that you invest in your home with (like appliances).

The removable bottom in the ovens: WHY every single range manufacturer does not have this feature is a loss to me. There is a removable bottom in the ovens that catch anything. You can actually clean out the oven without breaking your back and it is so amazing!

This range is so classically beautiful and well built- it will be the most beautiful part of our kitchen forever. I could not recommend Ilve enough!


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