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Breakfast Made Simple- Easy Breakfast Meal Plan

I don't know if it is summer or what, but breakfast is a STRUH-GULL lately. By the time everyone decides what to have and eats we all have to low blood sugar grumpies and it is not a fun start to the day (to say the least). BUT. I fixed it. And I must say, it didn't take a whole lot of effort on my part. In true form I had to come up with a catchy name... so here is how Breakfast Made Simple made my life more (you guessed it) simple:

I implemented Breakfast Choices:

I printed out a breakfast choices sheet and put it in one of my handy dandy dry erase pockets. Every week I write out what our breakfast choices are for the week. My big kid likes independence but also needs some guidance, so she gets to choose her own breakfast out of the choices. She gets her independence, and I get to make sure she eats healthy.

I set aside time for Make Ahead Meals:

This was a game changer. I spend time one day a week (or every few weeks) to make ahead some meals and freeze them. I have a ton of recipes in Breakfast Made Simple for make ahead meals like muffins, burritos, breakfast Sammies, egg cups and so much more. The recipes are all tweaked with my kiddos in mind and sneaking in some extra protein and veggies.

I also have Fast & Simple options on our breakfast choice menu (recipes in Breakfast Made Simple as well), like bacon (make a big batch at the beginning go the week) + toast, overnight oats, or a grab and go smoothie pack.

My daughter is old enough to choose what she wants and "make it" herself- she can grab a muffin or two out of the freezer and heat it up herself. All of a sudden the morning doesn't start with an hour long back and forth of "what would you like to eat" and "IDK", but now is "choose what you'd like for breakfast off the menu".

I set a time limit:

As soon as my toddler wakes up he asks for breakfast. My 8 year old, on the other hand, will wait for the hangry to set in. So, I made a rule with careful phrasing:

We fuel our bodies within an hour of waking up.

I really wanted to reinforce the food-as-fuel thing first thing in the morning, but also understand that my big kid doesn't wake up immediately ready to eat, and it is good to listen to your body. So, we eat within an hour of waking up. I'm considering making the time window less for her, but haven't figured out where the sweet spot is in letting her wake up all the way to hangry.

To download a free copy of my breakfast choices printable (including a bonus recipe!), click here. For the Breakfast Made Simple recipe and idea book, shop here!

About Breakfast Made Simple:

It's 85 pages of helpful tips and recipes, divided into:

Fast & Simple- Recipes and ideas for quick, nutritious breakfast variations (like yogurt centric ideas, toast, smoothie kits, overnight oats, oatmeal toppings, etc.)


Make Ahead Meals- Recipes and ideas designed to make in batches and freeze for easy breakfast options. Recipes for muffins, fast burritos and Sammies, egg cups, freezer waffles and pancakes (with added protein).

There also is a section with breakfast schedules and choices (like the free one above) you can hang up in the kitchen to streamline breakfast time.


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