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Master Bathroom Remodel: The First Room Makeover in the New House

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Master bathroom remodel before and after picture

Master Bathroom Remodel Makeover Reveal

We knew the first room we needed to tackle in the new house was the master bathroom remodel. Not only because I cannot live without a bathtub, but the shower was just, well, creepy. There was a very long vanity with just one sink, original carpet, and the shower was a monumental waste of space with a tiled hallway to enter into a very dark and claustrophobic shower space that felt a bit like it belonged in a prison.

You can see in these before pictures that the space needed to function better and felt dark and dingy (for a better feel of the bathroom flow and the shower of doom watch this video):

I worked with our contractor to design the space how we would want it to function first. He completely demo-ed the shower stall/hallway situation and we made room for a dreamy shower with a soaking tub next to it. We also added in a wall and pocket door to separate the toilet room and bought a new vanity.

master bathroom demolition
Master Bathroom Demo-d

Our contractor suggested we get a TileRedi shower pan, because it comes pre-sloped, waterproof, and is easy to work with. We wanted a bench in the shower, so opted for the TileRedi "Base N' Bench" system. I also wanted ample storage so we used the TileRedi wall niche set as well:

shower stall built with tileredi shower pan, niches, and wall board
Tile redi shower

I opted for white marble tile and brass accents to brighten and warm up the space. We painted the walls Ivory Lace and trim Natural Tan, both by Sherwin Williams.

Are you ready for the full reveal?

Not as ready as we were! Our contractor did an incredible job and figured out a way to make everything work together beautifully!

large soaking bathtub with brass faucet ad light fixture

This is where I will be for the next 3 years to make up for lost bathtub time while we remodeled. The bath is sooooo comfy (and huge), and I love how the light fixture looks a bit like bubbles and

bathroom vanity and shower with marble and brass accents

This shower and Vanity set up is such a better use of the space than a useless hallway leading into a shower of doom. The shower stall feels huge, and the bench is so lovely! I

These bathroom mirrors are so fun- I loved incorporating some black with them and the antique hardware (I switched out what came with the vanity- it felt too industrial along with the black mirrors), and the tilt is nice for both myself and my 6'5" husband.

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Vanity Sconces

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