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My Office/Home School Room Reveal

Pretty early on, we decided this basement room overlooking the yard would be my office. She's a real beaut huh?

Fast forward to gutting the entire house, moving in during a pandemic, and figuring out homeschooling at the last minute because virtual first grade was so NOT working, and we end up with a makeshift homeschool room/office thrown together and decorated with dollar store posters. Important to note: we were sitting together at the blue kids IKEA table to do school everyday.

With the commitment to homeschool and working more than ever from home I knew we needed a peaceful, functional, organized space. WIth a little flair, of course.

Enter Rifle Paper Co's new line of wallpaper being released at the same time we entered a Little Women phase, and the inspiration for my office was born.

Sweet Lou spent a week dressed like Jo March, and we watched Greta Gerwig's Little Women, and I felt the need to make a space that we could sit and read and write that felt straight out of Little Women.

I picked wallpaper and began to scheme, and we now have the office of our dreams (It's no longer "mommy's office", it's "Our office"):

I built this little faux fireplace (plans from A Carrie'd Affair Blog) , thrifted some of the comfiest chairs ever, trimmed out an IKEA Billy Bookcase, and built a desk top big enough for Sweet Lou and I to both sit at. I will share more details on how I made the built in desk, and finished the IKEA bookshelf in future posts (subscribe so you don't miss out!), but for now, here are all the pretty details:

This is one of my favorite pieces of art (my grandma painted it), and I love having it over the desk, lit up by this wall lamp from IKEA that provides extra light when we are working. It has been amazing having a big enough space for us both to sit at and do school/work together.

For this house, I decided I was going to put rose colored glasses on and design each room by wholly and completely romanticizing how we would use it. For my office, I thought of sitting by a fire and writing, and snuggling up with Sweet Lou and reading the classics together. I wanted her to be surrounded by beauty while she learned, and feel inspired by the magnificence of nature (I told you, total romantic)

This wallpaper 1 million billion percent lived up to my hopes and dreams, and it was so fun to add in little details here and there. Some of my favorite details are these butterflies (the previous owner of the house gave them to Sweet Lou years ago) that I framed and displayed.

Now it's time to grab a book, snuggle in, and get to reading.



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