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90 Days to Run a Household Week 11

Life has a funny way of working out, doesn't it? Right when we get to the weeks in this challenge that I have a master plan of tackling a big, difficult part of running a household is when life gets crazy. Isn't that the way it always goes?

This week we are easing in to what will be part of our grand finale: sticking with a meal plan. You know me though, we are not just diving head first in. I've done that too many times over the years, and its never sustainable. I buy all the groceries in a fit of blind confidence and they rot in the fridge while I revert back to my takeout ways.

So, we are easing in to it. Small baby steps make big changes over time.

This week's daily habit: Look at (and update) Grocery List

I know, this one seems a little odd. I even included a grocery list attached to a meal plan schedule for this week's freebie. Don't worry, we will get there next week. But this week we are voting for our new selves that plan and organize meal planning every time we look at our grocery list.

We are voting for the person who is organized enough to write hand soap on the list so we pick it up with everything else at the store instead of having to make a thousand separate trips wasting time and money.

Hang this on the grocery list on the side of your fridge or somewhere with easy access to update it, or start a list on your phone.

Cue: Any time you notice something running low, go update the list. Or, over breakfast glance through the list and think through what you may need.

This week's organization challenge:

Write out favorite meals you could use in a meal planning rotation. Next week we are going full blown meal planning mode (with sooooo much help and resources from me, don't worry), so it'll be helpful to think through a few home run meals that everyone in your household loves or that are easy to put together.

You got this!

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1 Comment

Kelley Smith
Kelley Smith
May 25, 2023

What is a Declutter pause? I can’t find any information on it


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