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90 Days to Run a Household Week 5

Clean Sink Club Members...... how does it feel to be part of the elite? We can pretend, right, that going to bed without dirty dishes makes us elite? Sure, why not.

It does amaze me how adding in these small habits weekly does trickle over into other areas. One of the things I love about the book Atomic Habits (I mentioned in week one also) is this idea that just improving 1% every day compounds into this massive change over a year and lifetime. My husband and I talk about that 1% often... instead of getting completely overwhelmed by the thought of overhauling everything, I think of that 1%. I can do 1%.

I would be curious to hear in the comments what has been your most challenging habit to incorporate. You may remember from last week that mine is laundry. I definitely stand by that, and am strongly considering bare butt Fridays or something (1% closer to nudism amiright) just to reduce the amount of clothes to wash.

I also would be curious to hear what the most satisfying habit has been. I think getting in to a nicely made bed, or waking up to a clean bathroom counter are the most satisfying so far.

Week 5: A Sparkly Stove

Baby steps folks. We're taking baby steps, because we know that 1% better every day adds up a lot more than 95% better for just two days, or a week. So we are taking a baby step to add in cleaning our stove top before we turn in for the night.

You may see where I am going with these small habits in the kitchen, and don't worry friend, we will get there. But for this week we are workin on a sparkly clean stove top.

Cue: My cue will be when I'm loading the dishwasher after dinner (or, if my toddler is SO DONE for the night immediately after dinner, then after the kids are in bed.

Reward: We will have to get creative for this one as well, if the whole looking at your sparkly stove before you turn in for the night just doesn't give you all the proud happy feelings. Maybe lighting a candle or having a little chocolate or wine when you are through.

Extra Challenge Task: Figure out How To Clean Your Oven

Cleaning my oven is one of life's greatest mysteries to me. Never have I ever found a solution that works well, but THIS WEEK I'M GONNA FIGURE IT OUT. I'll be sharing on my social media channels (Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube) my experiments, and will report back. This week I challenge you to figure out what works for you as well, and clean that sucker out!

One of my favorite ways to think about cleaning, organizing, and even designing a kitchen is through zones. I think of my kitchen as having 4 zones, and we are going to tackle decluttering and streamlining each of those zones through this challenge. Last week we chatted about the sink zone and focused on organizing under the sink specifically. This week, my free printable tackles the cooking zone: specifically how to organize and use it like a chef, and introducing the concept of mise en place. Enter your email here to receive my free printables!



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