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90 Days to Run a Household: Week 8

As I am writing this I'm preparing for our day of rest this week. I wonder how that went for you? Of course, this ended up being a crazy busy week where it was hard to find little moments of rest, but isn't that the way it goes?

I have been so excited for this upcoming week and to share it/do it with you! As you've probably figured out, we have been working our way (one small habit at a time) towards going to bed with a clean kitchen every night. So far we have worked on wiping down the counters, stove top, and have become certified members of the clean sink club.

Now, all our practice has brought us to the big leagues:

Week 8: The Nightly Kitchen Reset

I'm going to tell you something, and you gotta promise me you won't get upset: I have ulterior motives.

These printables that I have been sending out weekly aren't just random. My goal is by the end of this is for all of us to have a whole little booklet of checklists for the house. These have been instrumental in me figuring out how to run my household and keep a baseline of tidiness, and I'm never going back to trying to squeeze house work in all willy nilly. So... just know I have a sneaky plan for us to conquer the world (at the very least our home, so basically the same thing) with our KAH Club printables.

With that said, this week's printable starts a new section in our world conquering booklet we are acquiring (for free!). The Nightly Reset.

This Week's Small Habit: Closing Down the Kitchen

This feels like a big step for me. Does it feel like a big step for you? By the end of the night are you so exhausted from working all day and then feeding yourself or your family dinner that you can't possibly imagine closing down the kitchen before climbing in to bed? Is the end of the day complete chaos and your kids lose their ever loving mind when 6 pm hits?

But friend.... remember. I have a master plan. We've been inching our way toward this goal without even realizing it. We have been creating new neural pathways cemented in by the reward of more cleanliness, less chaos, and a feeling of accomplishment. Our small habits have been the building blocks for this very moment (sheesh, I'm feeling soap boxy today aren't I?)

The fact is, we are used to the hardest parts of this. We are adding in a few very small steps to our routine, and I have a printable checklist to support you! I'm keeping mine in a dry erase pocket on the inside of my cabinet door to check off as I go every night.

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Also- if you like this Nightly Reset Checklist you will looooooooove my new Nightly Reset E-Book that just hit the shop that makes closing down the entire house simple. It's chalk full of printables for every room, including an adorable kids version "Good Night Room" (hint: it rhymes and makes the reset fun).

Shop Here:

Ps- The Nightly Reset E-Book comes with the kids version as a bonus right now!

Weekly Challenge: Clean out Your Fridge

This week's decluttering challenge is to clean out your fridge! Move everything out, get rid of expired stuff, wipe down the shelves, and stick it all back in in an organized manner. I have some upcoming content on my social channels (lots in insta stories this week too!) on fridge organization and food storage so stay tuned.


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