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90 Days to Run a Household: Week 9

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Well well well, what have we here..... A household running more smoothly because of silly little daily habits that make all the silly little difference in the world.

It's almost like little habits shape our lives. It's almost like showing up for ourselves in little ways every day impacts our life in a big way. YAY!

Every time I'm feeling a little burnt out on this whole challenge (more on that at the end- I want to pick you brain and get your feedback), I look around and realize my house is so much tidier! These little habits are so worth it!

We have one more month left in this challenge, and we are going to start getting in to the other parts of running a household outside of cleaning and picking up. It's about to get real. Well, its already been real, but it'll be real-er. The realest.

For this week however, we are focusing on a very important (and often overlooked) part of the home: The Entryway.

Week 9: Entry Way/Mud Room

Small Habit: Keys, Coat, and Shoes Tidied and Put Away

Cue: This cue is a no brainer. Or at least it will be once we re train our brains not to kick out shoes off and throw our coat and keys down when we stumble in the door. Every time we walk in the door now, we hang our keys in their spot (suggestions below), hang our coat up, and put our shoes away tidily.

Reward: Being able to find things. Being able to walk in your entry way. Not having to look at coats strewn all over the floor. I could keep going.

I know we all wish we had a gloriously big mudroom with built in custom wood lockers for every member of the family to hang their things in and shut the door, but we don't all have that. For us mere peasants, we have to get creative with our entry way/mudroom mayhem.

Which brings us to......

The weekly challenge: Make a System That Works

Choose an aspect of your entryway or mudroom (wherever you usually enter the house) that just isn't working, and figure out a system that will. It has to be easy, efficient, and functional. Maybe it is a mail sorter, or a hook for your keys, or finally adding some hooks on the wall for coats that always end up on the floor.

Get creative!

Here are some things that have been total game changers for me in my entry way and mudroom:

We have this key holder/mail sorter hanging right inside the door and instantly my husband stopped losing his keys and wallet (for the most part lol). I love this things so much!

I recently got this mail sorter and love it!

I bought these wood peg hooks and added them to the entryway. They have been a game changer! My daughter can easily hang her coats up, and we can hang the coat we are currently using on these and store the others away in the closet.

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Did I miss it? I want to hear how you are dealing with burnout on the challenge. This challenge has been helping me, my family & our house a ton, but each week I start with trepidation thinking I can't add one more thing to my list (still haven't found that 15 min of rest BUT I did a smaller habit that works for me instead). What are you doing for the burnout?


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