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Forté Panel Ready Appliances from Appliances Connection Review

*This is a sponsored post that reflects my honest opinion.

I'm so excited to spill the tea (or perhaps more appropriately, the coffee) on our recent kitchen glow-up featuring the Forté Panel Ready Appliances from Appliances Connection.

Forté simpliefies the process of your adding your own cabinet panels to their appliances. The appliances come with a template you cut out to drill holes exactly where they belong on the panel to attach to the appliance door. The fridge is very adjustable as well to make it level from the ground up and fit into your cabinet space. Here are some of our favorite feautures on both the fridge and dishwasher after settling in and using them:

The Forté Fridge

I had a vision for a refridgerator built seamlessly into this run of cabinets, and could not be more excited with how it turned out! We ordered the 36" Forté panel ready refridgerator from Appliances Connection to make this space work, and the fridge definitely exceeded our expectations.

You can tell from these pictures, this fridge is tall! I was a little worried about using a counter depth fridge and not feeling like we had enough room in the fridge. Forte made up for less depth in both height and their design footprint-- there is an abundance of room with no wasted space.

There is even a water dispenser inside the fridge and always fresh ice in the freezer. As I mentioned above, we have been so blown away by the quality of this fridge as well. The shelves are built with metal instead of plastic and there is not piece of the fridge or freezer that feels low quality (and the inside is beautiful!).

The Forté Dishwasher

Another vision for the kitchen remodel- a seamless island. Again, i'm so happy we went with a panel ready Forté dishwasher!! Our dishwasher looks and works amazing.

It has all the features you hope for in a dishwasher (quiet, delayed start, buttons hidden from toddlers, and sanitize option), but my favorite features are very practical.

The organization- I love the top rack for utensils and the way the dishwasher is engineered. It feels like it holds a very full load and cleans it really well.

The removable utensil holder- It splits into three pieces! This has been fun to experiment with and incorporate into my daily rhythms.

The light- I did not know what I was missing out on until this dishwasher. It has a built in light that turns on when you open it, and I LOVE this feauture so very much.

Overall, I cannot say enough good things about our appliances (check out my review of our Ilve Range here) or our experience with Appliances Connection. They have competitive pricing, good sales, and everything showed up when they said packaged well. They also have a large range of options for appliances that you cannot get at big box stores (Like Ilve or Forté) that make your kitchen unique.



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