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Home, On Purpose

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a lady (that term used in the loosest sense of the word) named Karissa. She had tried her go at blogging and social media over the years, sharing truly tragic fashion choices and truly heartfelt stories of faith and chronic illness. Never did she really find her thing, until one day Prince Charming (wait....... let's switch that to King of BBQ) decided to give her a little nudge.

A truly tragic fashion choice

She was grieving a loss the only way she knew how- by tearing things apart and putting them back together, so that she wouldn't be torn apart, and could mend herself back together one stitch, nail, and stroke of a paint brush at a time.

Wallpaper and sewing and painting and rearranging. Soon the King of BBQ gently said, why don't you share this?

Really what he said was "Hey there's this new app you should share the remodel and your home projects on! People would love to see what you do!"

And what she really said was "Isn't that an app for teenagers?"..... and then eventually "Sure, why not?"

She posted a couple of videos that a couple people saw of her home that she got to tear apart and rebuild from the studs with her dad (meaning he did it all and she stood there), and accidentally had 3 million people see the Home Library born out of her imagination and her dad's (King of Carpentry) hard work and engineering.

She shared her home and her projects and soon hundreds of thousands of people were invested in watching her post little videos to the clock app.

Then, she got really really sick. Extra sicker than her chronically ill baseline sick. But this time, for a good reason: a miracle baby on the way. So, she could not do her little (or big) projects, and on a whim shared what the King of BBQ was up to.

Millions and millions and millions of people loved to see The King of BBQ at home (and the restaurant), and a new series was born.

Then, the baby was born. And thankfully, the Lady began to not be so really really sick. BUT, she still didn't have time to do all her little projects. So, she shared what she had learned- how to clean, and organize, take care of her two little darlings (one big and one small) and learn to run a household better (so she wouldn't go crazy).

Millions and millions and millions of people also wanted to learn to run their household, and make their home life more simple and beautiful. And hundreds of thousands more joined the Tik Tok family. Soon there was a mix of people from all different cities and countries with different needs and interests following her on the World Wide Web.

Now here we are, at the end of this story, and on the precipice of a new one. The sequel.

Where all of this melds into one great, fun adventure I get to share with you. Because it turns out, all roads lead to home.

Designing a home life, on purpose.

You may have noticed the site got a brand new look.... this makeover isn't just a new typeface or color, but a new direction and purpose for my content. Here's what to expect in the coming months (and years).

More Free Resources- Honestly, I make these printables for myself (they are essential to my survival when it comes to running my household), so I love to share them with you. I also LOVE the emails I receive from you guys telling me you also use and love them. Makes my heart full, and I'll never stop sending out freebies (subscribe so you don't miss anything!)

The Karissa At Home Shop- Your support has meant the world to me as I rolled out my first couple of paid resources. Thank you for your orders, and you can expect loads more resources to make life easier to hit the shop.

More Blog Inspiration- My goal is to write more. I use blogs for recipes, DIYs, and resources constantly. I want this to be an encyclopedia of Home on Purpose for you all to find and have what you need to make home life more simple and beautiful.

Fun Content- I will continue making content along these same lines, including long form video on Youtube as well as short form video on Tik Tok, Insta, Pinterest, and YouTube Shorts. I have sooooooo many DIYs planned for this year (don't tell the BBQ King), as well as cleaning hacks, home making, running a household, and cooking. Here's where to follow along:

Instagram (for the love of all things social media PLEASE give me a follow here too)

As always, I'm your biggest cheerleader, and i'm so glad you are here.


(at home)


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