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Moody Master Bedroom Update

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Our master bedroom in the remodel has fallen a little, well, flat. That is, up until now! I love a neutral color palette for the bedroom, but wanted to add in some moody accent colors and textures while making it more functional. When our bed frame broke when we moved I knew it was the perfect excuse to update all the furniture and add in some fun color.

Here are some "before" pictures, from when we bought the house, to adding in the fireplace, to the freshly remodeled "before" that was a little blah:

I decided to add in some rich earth tones that still felt soothing and went for it with black nighstands, and a statement piece with this oversized tapestry to tie everything together. When our bed broke I rushed to order this upholstered bed frame (in the pictures below) so we would have something to sleep on (besides the floor) and honestly don't love it. I switched gears and ordered a wood bed and dresser that will complient the bench and black nighstands and look stunning in front of the tapestry but they won't be here for a few months, so i'll have a new update when those arrive!

Overall we are definitely off to a moodier start, while still keeping the bedroom a calm, neutral palette.

I really wanted every piece of furniture to be functional as well as beautiful. The Nightstands have built in charging ports in the back...

And the bench (use code Karissa12 for 12% off your purchase) at the foot of our bed has built in storage inside.

Here are links to everything in the room:

Bed Bench : Use code "Karissa12" for 12% off your purchase



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