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Unique Valentines Gift Ideas (That Won't Break the Bank)

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Let's just skip to why you are here.... unique and affordable Valentine's gifts your sweetheart will actually remember:

1. Love Note Cards

This is one of my favorite gifts my husband has ever given me... He bought this pack of love cards and hid them where he knew I would find them throughout the year. I framed my favorite (above), and keep them in my nightstand and my planner.

2. Pennants

These vintage inspired pennants from Oxford Pennants are just too good, and they have so many more to choose from!

3. Custom Caricature

Get a custom Caricature done on Etsy! Options Here Here and Here

3. Custom Vinyl Record

You can customize the cover art and choose your songs! One of our all time favorite gifts from American Vinyl Co. This heart one has five minutes per side but their regular vinyl you can fit a good amount of songs on each side.

4. Custom Retro View Finder

Add your own photos. So fun! My husband loved this gift and my daughter loves to look at our pictures in it.

5. Neck and Back Heating Pad

I just love this heating pad so much and use it daily. Hashtag Worth It.


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