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90 Days to Run A Household Week 3

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HOW ARE YOU? Are you alive?! Are you still with me?!

For some reason laundry just kicks my behind, so I assume it kicks everyone else too. But we did it! We started a habit of doing a load a day last week (and sticking to a schedule to take another decision off our plate). How did you do with that on top of making your bed daily? I'd love to hear in the comments (or shoot me an email or instagram DM).

This week we are going to take a baby step in the direction of keeping our bathroom spick and span. Remember, every small habit we incorporate in our day compounds over time into HUGE changes!

Week 2: Bathroom Counter

This week we are adding in a habit that will help our days run smoother and our mind feel more at peace: Keeping the bathroom counter clean.

Small Habit: Nightly Clear of the Bathroom Counter

This habit has a VERY clear cue I'll make for you: When we brush our teeth at night, we clear off the bathroom counter. The bathroom seems like a space in our house that doesn't matter a whole let whether it is cluttered or pretty (cleanliness, on the other hand...). I mean, a room dedicated mostly to waste removal doesn't feel like a huge priority.

BUTT. Oops, sorry, I meant BUT. Walking into a room with visual clutter does something to our brains. When you get out of bed in the morning, where do you head first? Where is your last stop before retiring for the night?

That's right, the bathroom. So, if you are like me, that means the first thing you see in the morning and last thing at night before heading to bed is a bathroom with clutter on the counter, baby bath toys all over, and tampons spread all over the floor from your toddler playing with them while you washed your face. Not exactly a visually peaceful start or end to the day.

We may not notice this effects us until we walk into the bathroom and there is no clutter. All of a sudden walking in the space feels peaceful, and so do we.

Cue: When you brush your teeth at night, put things away and clear your counter completely.

Reward: Look at the bathroom before you leave it for the night and give yourself a smile, a well done, or pause and take a deep breath. Notice how you feel in the morning coming in to a peaceful space and take a moment to appreciate it.

Task to Accomplish: Organize Your Storage

This week's challenge is to organize your drawers and cupboards in your bathroom. DON"T WORRY THOUGH... I'm with you every step of the way! In fact, I wrote out every step of the way in this week's free printables for you. I walk you through, step by step, how to take over your bathroom clutter and get organized with a system that will keep it that way. If you are a subscriber, check your email for the downloads. If not, sign up here to get them.

My Favorite storage solution ideas:

These drawer and cupboard inserts work amazing to categorize everything and maintain a system that keeps you organized. I have started to love using clear, simple bins so I can see what is inside everything for easy access.

Lazy Susans work amazing for under sink storage.

This set of organizing bins is superior to all others (In my opinion).

These are great for cupboard solutions.

These ones are stackable with easy access!

Another Lazy Susan option with low walls and dividers.

This pantry organizing set also works amazing for bathroom products.

PS- this is my favorite organization Inspo and read:

Remember friend, I'm cheering you on (and struggling alongside you). This is our year to RUN our household.

PS- I have big plans for this community. Would you help me achieve them by giving me a follow on instagram or YouTube?



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